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Audio Physic Celcius Center Plus

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Celsius Plus centerhøjtaler - løfter centeroplevelsen i dit surround system.

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Very often, the importance of the center channel in a surround system is underestimated. This additional "middle channel" has developed from the history of ever larger, and thus widening, cinema palaces. In pure stereo mode, spectators sitting in the front ranks, far off center, almost solely heard the sounds from the speaker nearest to them, but hardly any sounds from the other side. Especially the intelligibility of dialogues suffered from this arrangement. How can you enjoy a movie if you don’t understand a single word? Smart sound engineers therefore established an additional sound channel for the middle area of the screen, the center channel. It was supposed to guarantee that dialogues became clear and comprehensible to the entire audience. And this is what our CELSIUS plus is about!

It’s especially the frequency spectrum of human voices where our sense of hearing is particularly sensitive; a good center speaker has to reproduce these frequencies in detail and without discolouration. So it was a logical conclusion to equip the CELSIUS plus with the best drivers around. The exclusive AUDIO PHYSIC HHC drivers assure for first-class playback quality and perfect speech intelligibility – even in very complex sound and film passages. Low and medium frequencies are handled by two HHCM II drivers, in order to have quiet passages performing sovereign and higher volumes sounding undistorted.


AUDIO PHYSIC uses the same driver types also in the STEP plus and TEMPO plus models. The identical configuration offers ideal conditions for an exemplary homogeneity.


In addition to this, the CELSIUS plus features also all other characteristics that we are accustomed to be standard in the TEMPO plus and the STEP plus, such as the inclined baffle or the mechanically from the speaker body decoupled connection terminal, equipped with high-quality WBT binding posts.


Whether you enjoy movies by means of a projector and a screen or using a flat-screen TV, the CELSIUS plus always cuts a fine figure. In a home cinema with projector, the black-cloth front grille reduces interfering light reflections on the speaker’s enclosure. In combination with flat-screens, the room ambience will therefore play a more important role, so the CELSIUS plus is available in various finishes.

Please note: Real Glass or finishes might be different from paper printed catalogues. Products partially shown with optional accessories. Models and finishes availability may vary by country. Other Glass special colours by request.