GigaWatt LC-Y EVO 3X4

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GigaWatt LC-Y EVO 3X4

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LC-Y EVO 3X4 is a shielded GigaWatt installation cable, designed to power audio and video systems susceptible to interference. This technical cable, a proprietary design of the company, improves the efficiency of any one-phase power grid with a voltage between 110-240V, allowing to maximize the potential of any system.

Lossless flow of energy is made possible by the wires of the cable made up from three solid core conductors with 4mm2 cross-section each. Those are made from 99,997% pure copper (OFHC C10100), additionally subdued to an annealing process, which allows them to gain uniform structure and better conductance

The LC-Y EVO version has an altered geometry of wires. This arrangement creates an even more effective low-pass RFI filter and is characterized by greater resistance to electromagnetic interference (EMI). A new, flexible insulation material PK90AT28 with a very low dielectric constant was also used as the insulator for the conductors.

The twisted wires of the cable are protected by a static shield, made from aluminum-polyester foil with an internal, tin covered copper flow wire. The tight construction of the static shield covers 100% of the surface of the cable, perfectly protecting against all kinds of EMI and RFI external interference. In addition the shield prevents the appearance and spread of internal interferences.

The wires together with the screen are surrounded by additional plastic material, insulating from external vibrations. In the improved LC-Y EVO design, this inner insulation layer is made of a transparent TPV56 polymer with very good dampening properties. The use of a new material also means that the whole wire is more flexible and easier to stack.

The whole cable is covered with a flexible, but very durable protective sheath made from insulating material GA 70AT03.

The montage of the LC-Y EVO 3X4 cable is recommended to be used in power grids supplying amongst others listening rooms, recording studios, cinema rooms, etc. It complies with the requirements of the LVD 2014/35/UE directive. Due to its construction, this cable can be used also in places especially exposed to electromagnetic radiation, like airports, hospitals, computer posts or using sensitive measurement equipment. Home installations made using this cable are the perfect solution for people sensitive to electromagnetic radiation.

The LC-Y EVO 3X4 is designed to be used in concealed and surface mount installations in dry and wet rooms as well as directly on concrete. The cable is also approved for usage in external installations, under the condition it will not be exposed to direct sunlight or if it will be placed inside cable channels.