GigaWatt LS-1 EVO+

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GigaWatt LS-1 EVO+

GigaWatt  LS-1 EVO+ is a next, modified version of power cable, originated from reference cable series –LS.

The priority of series LS project was to obtain an uncompromised product, regardless of the production costs connected with used components and assembly. The LS-1 EVO and LS-2 EVO cables reflect the constant technological progress of GigaWatt. They are the result of many years of experience and the effect of research supported by rigorous measurements and listening tests.

The unique feature of LS-1 EVO+ is the fact that no ready-made components were used in production process. The elements used in cable construction  are subassemblies projected and produced of our own, or manufactured by our cooperates according to precise GigaWatt specification.

Cable assembly is entirely hand-made. Creating one piece of cable takes many hours of the specialist’s work and all stages of the production process take place under strict supervision providing best product quality and repeatability of subsequent items.

The main design assumptions remain the same, while the use of new conductors is a significant change. Instead of solid wires, we used multi strand. One thicker wire has been replaced by seven thinner ones, forming a lead with a total cross section of 1,5mm2.

The design is 7 x 1.5 mm2 lead, where each lead consist of 7 strands, spun in a tight pitch. The conductors are made of silver plated oxygen-free copper with a purity of 5N, produced according to our specifications. This design increases the active surface area of ​​the wire and makes the cable more flexible.

The whole structure is covered by a sealed copper screen, protecting against EMI and RFI noise.

In the cable construction, great importance was also attached to the reduction of vibrations generated by the electromagnetic field induced around conductors. Working wires are surrounded by a multilayered material, dumping unwanted vibrations. From the outside, the cable is additionally protected by a black, textile jacket made of polyolefin fibers and an antistatic mesh that prevents electrostatic accumulation.

Especially dedicated for LS-1 EVO+ a new loss-free passive filter of nano-crystal alloys was worked out. It is being assembled in a preciously selected spot in a cable and constitutes additional protection against parasitic noises and oscillations on the cable output.

Cable assembly is completely manual. Making one piece of LS-1 EVO+, requires hours of specialist work, and all stages of the manufacturing process take place under strict control ensuring the highest quality of product and repeatability of subsequent items.

It is also worth noticing, that the cable is equipped with the new, aluminum shell, proprietary plugs, made to our specifications. Those plugs are of very high manufacturing quality, have low connection impedance and long term connection reliability. Their solid connectors are made of compact brass covered with rhodium, and were additionally subject to cryogenic treatment and de-magnetization.

All conductors are connected without tin, and connections with plugs are screwed, which minimizes contact impedance and ensures trouble-free operation.

LS-1 EVO is recommended particularly for powering of high power consumption appliances, although will successfully power reference audio and video systems too. The cable is also available in C19 version, being an optional equipment for the top GigaWatt PC-4 EVO+ power conditioner.