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Ideon Audio 3R USB Renaissance mk. 2

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Hurtigt overblik

3R USB Renaissance mk. 2 er den perfekte DAC til dig der bruger din computer til at aftaste musikken. 3R er 100% optimeret til det formål, og gør underværker med kvaliteten af musikken som strider mod alt hvad prisen indikerer. Og skal den gøre det endnu bedre, kan der tilkøbes en separat strømforsyning som bare vil få 3R til at yde endnu mere.
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The mk2 version has significant enhancements over the first version, providing even greater performance improvement, taking your computer playback to another level! It has a new, redesigned board, a new - cascading technology - power supply for the digital core, and a new femto oscillator of highest clocking precision!

Re Drive - Re Clock - Re Generate

Ideon Audio's 3R USB Renaissance is here! The most affordable upgrade for music playback from digital audio files. The 3R dramatically improves the sound from digital audio computer files, music streaming services (like Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, etc.), even from low-res youtube playbacks! Ideon Audio's 3R USB Revive connects between the digital output (host) and the Dac. It achieves excellent sound performance by uncovering lost detail, enhancing dynamics, re-clocking the signal using ultra-low jitter oscillators, and minimizing transmission losses.

Why we developed it?

Generally, it's believed that transmitting the digital audio signal is a process without problems, this is an illusion! Many music lovers, think the digital audio signal is technically perfect, as happens with data being transferred between computers or hard drives and printers. However, in computer data transmission, when a data error occurs, there is a repetition of the transmission until the data transfer is flawlessly completed. This is not the case with a digital audio signal transmission, here things are completely different. In this case, we have digital audio streaming (isochronous transfer) without any data detection algo-rithm, additionally the digital audio streaming is prone to timing jitters. Therefore, any errors or loss in signal transmission is not corrected and any data losses: due to long or bad quality USB cable, poor power supply, or other clocking issues (high jitter on pc transports) are permanently lost. Those losses are finally "heard" in the program listening and are responsible for an inferior sounding performance with less musicality, less dynamics, less detail, bigger compression, lack of control and separation of instruments, etc. The 3R provides a solution to all these inherent problems of digital audio via USB.

How does the 3R improve sound?

The 3R dramatically improves signal transmission from the USB cable (USB rail) through a cutting edge re-drive chip. It replaces and regenerates the USB signal utilizing a high quality low noise power supply. It re-clocks the USB signal utilizing low-jitter oscillators. The result is euphoric! The 3R provides a perfectly perceptible sonic upgrade, offering high-end features in any system, with analytical, yet relaxing musical sound, very big soundstage and ex-tended low and high frequencies. With 3R you «dig in» the music, retracting information unnoticed earlier. Bass comes out massive, extended and highly controlled, while high frequencies are more detailed, airy and considerably extended. The 3R is necessary in every system, in every studio, upgrading the complete digital audio experience, it can turn, any computer to a remarkable transport. It upgrades any USB Audio device (DAC & ADC).


  • USB type  2.0 hi speed : 480Mb/sec
  • Fully combatible with any audio format PCM DSD
  • Power supply  DC JACK IN 2.0mm : 7.5 volt dc (included)
  • No Special Driver Requirements Works Seamlessly on any Operating System With USB Stack Support
  • Four Asynchronous Endpoint Buffers 
  • 600ma ultra low noise  5 volt USB out power  
  • Application : Computer audio systems / DAC / ADC 

Small Wonder

With the Debussy recording, the sound was far more spacious and the dynamic range seemed to be expanded. You’ll probably want to know how much better the sound was with the 3R in the signal path. That’s a completely subjective valuation, of course, but I’d say I heard a 30% improvement: It was on the scale of a major upgrade to one’s loudspeakers or replacing an analog playback system in its entirety .........

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