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Earsonics Purple

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The Purple fra EarSonics: Når teknologien bruges til alsidighed i lyden. Ved hjælp af det eksklusive VELVET V2-system (flere valg af lydfiltrering) går Purple endnu længere og er udstyret med de nyeste tekniske fremskridt, der er udviklet via GRACE og EM64.
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The Purple by EarSonics: When the technical know-how is put at the service of musical versatility.

Based on the exclusive modular system found in the VELVET V2 (3 sound signatures), the Purple is going beyond by incorporating the latest technical progress developed by EarSonics with the Grace and the EM64 (UIEM and CIEM flagships)

The Purple technology is housed in EarSonics EVS® patented shell, unveiled with the launch of the ES5. Thanks to the FUSION® process embedded in the EVS® shell, we have packed our proprietary drivers in a super ergonomic universal-fit design. The nozzle has been designed with the TRUEWAVE® system, the latest technology developed for the EM64. It features a 2-output cannula topped by a mono–brass bell. This configuration allows an optimal phase control and a prime magnitude coherence curve, for ever greater audio realism.

Power, balance, compliance with timbre and maximal headroom. The Purple has a rich sound in all parts of the spectrum with a strong sense of presence and enhanced front surround sound for a unique audiophile listening experience. The sound is balanced, natural and musical. It has all the qualities that made EarSonics a success: organic and warm lows, processed mids and mastered high-mids, with full control of harshness even at high volume levels.
The highs are textured and fine with rich harmonics, giving a clear and airy feel. Indeed, the Purple inherits its quality highs coming from Grace IEM, yet offering an even stronger presence of highs. Designed with 5 proprietary drivers, 2 of which are mid drivers provided with a vent system, the purple electronics aim to lead the most
discerning listeners towards a new horizon in terms of listening experience.

With its modular system, the Purple enters EarSonics « Signature » range.
The 3 sound signatures enable listeners to better adjust their listening experience to their music and choice of players.

Sensitivity: 127 dB/mW
Frequency response: 10 Hz – 20 kHz
DCR: 25 to 45 ohms (depending on the switch position)
Driver: 5 balanced armature drivers, HQ 3-way tunable crossover

3-Switch setting manual

PURPLE with its replaceable cable (silver cable)
4 Comply tips (various sizes)
8 silicon tips (various sizes)
Cleaning tool
Carrying box
User manual

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