Acoustune HS1750CU

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Acoustune HS1750CU

The HS1750CU earphones offer the main ingredients of Acoustune high-end IEM’s at a more affordable price. The housing of the main unit adopts a modular structure that completely separates the acoustic chamber (where the driver is stored) and the mechanical housing. It suppresses sound quality deterioration by reducing mutual interference between the acoustic part and the mechanical part. The HS1750CU uses brass for the acoustic chamber and aluminum for the mechanism housing, both of which are machined with high precision by CNC. Thus achieving exceptional low-frequency expression. In particular, while aiming to improve the sound quality of the chamber, it was necessary to process the metal very thinly in order to secure the acoustic space.

The 5th generation Myrinx Driver and it  is a dynamic driver made by molding the dome and edges of the medical synthetic base material, Myrinx, into a single thin film. The Myrinx diaphragm is a diaphragm that has the contradictory characteristics of being highly rigid while being highly flexible.
The HS1750CU is a traditional driver whose design has been continuously improved since the first model HS1001, the second generation HS1500 series, and the third generation HS1600 series.

The impedance of this earphone is measured at 24 ohm, with a sensitivity of 110 dB. Acoustune provides their own AEX07 silicon eartips and AET02 foam eartips for optimal sound quality and comfort. Included is a carrying case that protects the earphones and makes them easy to carry around.