Hifiman Svanar Wireless IEM

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Hifiman Svanar Wireless IEM

Svanar Wireless IEM

SVANAR Wireless is a new reference True Wireless® earbud for audiophiles. It features a 10mm Topology diaphragm dynamic driver, on-board amplifier and custom Hymalaya ladder DAC.This new TWS IEM features Bluetooth 5.2 and two noise cancelling technologies: ANC Deep Noise Cancellation and ENC Deep Voice Cancellation. ANC accurately identifies and eliminates noise up to -35dB. And, to keep voice calls clear and clutter-free, ENC relies on artificial intelligence that simulates the human auditory system, extracting the human voice while filtering out extraneous noise.

The frequency range of SVANAR Wireless is 10Hz to 35KHz. The on-board amp output is rated at 45mW. Average battery time is 4 to 7 hours, depending upon usage. Earbuds, each weigh 8 and can be charged three times before needing to recharge the case. IPX5-rated for resistance to sweat and dirt over hours of uninterrupted service.