Shanling M3 Ultra Black

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Shanling M3 Ultra Black

Shanling M3 Ultra 32 GB Black

M3 Ultra is the latest high-definition Android Music Player from Shanling. It comes as a successor to the highly-acclaimed M3X with a better SoC, the latest Android OS, a new Unibody design frame, and many more features. Shanling packs it with the trusted ES9219Cx2 dual DAC arrangement. M3 Ultra gets a newly upgraded AMP section with dual independent RT6863 amp chips. It now provides better, cleaner output, and offers a smooth lag-free latest Android experience, with the same trusted sound decoding capabilities as the OG M3X!!
Shanling M3 Ultra comes equipped with a premium dual DAC chipset designed by ESS Sabre Technologies. It features dual ES9219C 32-Bit DAC chips that deliver impressive high-resolution audio signal decoding supporting PCM, DSD, and MQA signals.
Shanling M3 Ultra packs a powerful performance with its new amplification circuit. The player features dual independent RT6863 chips. They produce a powerful output with a clean noise-free background and ultra-low distortion.
M3 Ultra promises a lightning-fast user interface with its new-generation Snapdragon SoC chipset. The OG M3X had the Snapdragon 430, but the new M3 Ultra comes with the Snapdragon 665 chipset. M3 Ultra achieves a super smooth user interface with easy multi-tasking support.
Shanling M3 Ultra comes loaded with the latest Android 10 operating system. It brings you support for a wide range of applications that have now been discontinued on the previous Android versions. You will be able to use different media applications easily.
The Bluetooth connectivity has also been upgraded to the latest V5.0 connectivity. It supports high-resolution LDAC transmission for both-way transmission promising a high-resolution 24-Bit/96kHz wireless transmission rate.
M3 Ultra has a large 3500mAh battery that provides an extended battery life of up to 20.5 hours on a single charge. Shanling M3 Ultra supports QC3.0 protocols with 18W charging providing super-fast charging facilities.