The ME700 Lite is directly derived from the Shanling ME700, Shanling's Hi-Res Audio certified top-of-the-range in-ear monitors. These Shanling headphones have an impedance of 16 Ohms and a sensitivity of 109dB so they are easy to drive by the majority of smartphones and highres music players. With this ME700 Lite Shanling has slightly changed the sound tuning to deliver a more neutral sound with better clarity and midrange definition. Whereas the ME700 has been tuned for prolonged relaxed listening sessions, this ME700 Lite has a more energetic and vibrant character that will appeal to a different target group.

Sound quality

The frequency response of this Shanling ME700 Lite ranges from 20Hz up to 40kHz so you will notice even the smallest details in the music. The reproduction of the high, mid and low frequencies is provided by four Balanced Armature Drivers that are specially manufactured for Shanling. The diaphragm of the dynamic bass driver is made of ultra-light titanium. This has a positive effect on timing and mid-bass definition. You will especially notice this by a tight and perfectly controlled bass response.

3D printing technique

By use of 3D printing technology, skin-friendly materials and the data of many thousands of ears, the wearing comfort of these in-ear monitors is unequalled. The earbuds feature three separate sound channels for low, mid and high frequencies. These tiny channels have different lengths for perfect timing and phase behaviour. The earbuds itself are made of a white composite material with stainless steel and gold-coloured details that provides a beautiful and premium appearance.

Attention to detail

These premium in-ear monitors come with 3.5mm transparent MMCX headphone cabling with silver plated and gold-plated wire pairs that contribute to the openness and vibrancy of these headphones. The connectors are made of stainless steel for a long lifespan. For an ultimate fit, the headphones come with three types of tips of different material in sizes L, M and S. Shanling also supplies a leather storage pouch in which you can safely store the earplugs after a long day of use.