ME800 are Shanling's all-new Hi-Res certified flagship in-ear monitors. These beautifully designed and 3D printed IEMs have a hybrid construction and feature no less than six drivers per channel. These headphones also contain two microswitches that allow the tuning to be switched from balanced to warm, focal and clear to suit individual music styles and taste.

The EM800 IEMs' ergonomically designed casings are made of antibacterial resin. All faceplates are uniquely shaped and no pieces are alike. Because every ear is different, Shanling provides a wide selection of tips to ensure the best fit for all sizes and shapes of ears.

Dual Dynamic Driver Technology

The bass is provided by two 6mm dynamic drivers equipped with a featherweight Crystal-plated Bio-diaphragm. Thanks to these smaller sized drivers, which feature a dual neodymium-boron magnet, these headphones provide the lowest audio frequencies with even more control and definition.

Definition and detail

One Balanced Armature Driver handles the midrange frequencies and a Dual Heights driver is dedicated to the upper audio frequencies. Thanks to this ingenious setup, these headphones deliver a natural and coherent sound with the warmth and sophistication that Shanling's IEMs are now known for.

Quality down to the finest details

These highend headphones come with octa-core MMCX cabling manufactured out of Furukawa single crystal copper. Each conductor is optimally shielded and is provided with a protective coating. The cabling comes with different interchangeable tips, so it can be used with any brand and type of Hi-Res audio player.