Shanling UA1 Pro USB Dac/amp

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Shanling UA1 Pro USB Dac/amp

Whether you are using a latest generation smartphone that lacks an analog audio output (compatible directly with your headphones / headphones) or you simply want to improve the very average audio output of a standard consumer phone, the Shanling UA1 pro is a transportable and affordable solution for playing your high resolution audio files anywhere without carrying  more than necessary.


Although very compact, the Shanling UA 1 Pro embeds a high-quality audio circuit built around an ESS ES9219C chip. This famous component for High Fidelity applications incorporates both digital to analog conversion capabilities as well as headphone amplification capabilities. This second version hence offers better performance in terms of harmonic distortion.

On the DAC side, the UA1 is capable of playing high resolution audio files up to 384kHz / 32bit and even DSD files up to DSD256. The output stage is for its part capable of developing up to 80mW of power at 32 Ohm with a minimal noise level, which represents an incomparable performance gain in comparison with the traditional audio outputs of general public portable multimedia devices.