Westone MACH 10 Universal IEM Single Driver IEM

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Westone MACH 10 Universal IEM Single Driver IEM

The MACH 10s are professional in-ear monitors that feature a single full-range balanced armature driver. This driver significantly improves sonic performance and provides a smooth and responsive soundstage. The driver is small and powerful, making the sound quieter, electronically more sensitive and dynamic.

The MACH 10's excellent 20 Hz - 18 kHz frequency response gives you a balanced detail reproduction that improves the overall presentation to capture subtle nuances in your recordings. It has an expressive soundstage that will appeal to singers, musicians and audio enthusiasts.

The bass of these IEMs has quality rather than quantity. Furthermore, the MACH 10 is linear throughout, has clear fundamentals and a presence in the upper midrange. The MACH 10 continues nicely in the treble with good holographic and airy reproduction.