Westone MACH 50 Universal IEM 3-way, 5-Driver IEM

7.500,00 kr
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Westone MACH 50 Universal IEM 3-way, 5-Driver IEM

The MACH 50 in-ear monitors offer high-end performance with a justified price tag. The monitors comprise five balanced armature drivers in a three-way configuration, with a single bass drive, two midrange drives and a pair of treble drivers to provide extended mids and a silky smooth high end.

The three-way passive crossover ensures clear, consistent audio across the impressive 8 Hz - 20 kHz frequency response. Furthermore, the MACH series in-ear monitors feature T2 connectors. These connectors deliver a rock-solid connection in a streamlined package. The design prevents interruptions, reduces wear and tear and withstands greater pulling forces.

In addition, like any other MACH, the MACH 50 comes with a Linum Estron SuperBaX cable. This cable is sturdy and reliable, thanks to its quad-twisted cable design. This cable offers the pure sound at musicians, sound engineers and audiophiles need.