Westone MACH 60 Universal IEM 3-way, 6-Driver IEM

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Westone MACH 60 Universal IEM 3-way, 6-Driver IEM

The clear sound of the MACH 60 has open highs and great depth in the mids and lows. These in-ear monitors have a proprietary six-driver system, allowing everyone to enjoy a nice, balanced soundstage.

What sets the MACH 60 apart from ordinary earphones is its superior clarity in the higher frequencies. The remarkable treble is supported by an excellent midrange that anchors the sound with plenty of resolution and texture. Moreover, the two low-end drivers flawlessly articulate the bass and shape the rhythm.

As you would expect, the MACH 60 meets many requirements in terms of comfort and isolation. The whole system is extremely compact and lightweight, in addition, there is very little strain from the cable. As a result, the in-ear monitors are comfortable and you can wear them for a long time.