Westone MACH 70 Universal IEM 3-way, 7-Driver IEM

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Westone MACH 70 Universal IEM 3-way, 7-Driver IEM

A listening experience perfect for all people and genres of music is what the MACH 70 offers. Using a proprietary seven-drive system with single low, double mid and four high, these in-ear monitors deliver a big and wide extension with a smooth top end and impressive bass.

The 3-way design has two passive crossover points and flaunts a clean and clear soundstage over the amazing 5 Hz - 22 kHz frequency response. Everything has been pulled out to create an ergonomic design that sits comfortably for hours. This prevents discomfort during every conceivable scenario.

Whether you are a seasoned stage performer or an audio-obsessed music fan, the MACH 70 is your ticket to comfortable and inspiring listening sessions. If you're looking for amazing sound and a barely there design, look no further than the MACH 70.