Westone MACH 80 Universal IEM 3-way, 8-Driver IEM

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Westone MACH 80 Universal IEM 3-way, 8-Driver IEM

Take your listening experience to an even higher level with the MACH 80 in-ear monitors. The MACH 80 is the epitome of flat and precise with an overall even and balanced sound presentation. The proprietary eight-driver system delivers a smooth, punchy yet clear and rich listening experience.

Intended for professional musicians, discerning listeners and audiophiles, these in-ear monitors offer a detailed soundstage with next-level clarity. You get eight drivers in each ear and a 3-way configuration where two drivers deliver bass, two midrange drivers and four drivers to pump out prodigious highs.

The earphones' ergonomic design provides much-needed comfort during long listening sessions. There is also a detachable Linum Estron UltraBaX cable for uncompromising sound. If you want accuracy at the highest level, choose MACH 80.