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Raidho XT5

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Topmodellen i XT-serien slægter de store modeller på og spiller stort, autoritært og ekstremt velopløst. Det slanke udseende får den til at se elegant ud og passer ind i alle rum.

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The X-5 Series –Not Just Technology or Design Philosophy, More A Musical Way Of Life

What makes our X-5 Series our new flagship product? It’s not the most expensive speaker range we make – but it is the pinnacle of our current thinking. New materials, new technologies, our latest engineering and most luxurious finishes – the Radiho X-5 Series boasts them all. At this point we could talk about the resulting increase in resolution and micro-dynamic definition, the deeper and more natural bass response, or the drop in system noise floor. But instead we’d prefer you to listen. We’d like you to hear the dramatic increase in clarity and musical impact. We’d love you to experience the emphatic dynamics and natural, expressive range. But most of all we want to take you on a new musical adventure: to rediscover old favourites, familiar tracks but to hear them – really hear them – for the first time: to marvel at new music and new artists, new opportunities and new discoveries: to fall in love again, with your system and with listening, with your music, your past and your future.

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