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Studio Connections Platinum Digitalkabel

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Would you like to hear your music replayed as clearly and as present as if you were at the recording?

We are pound to have launched our new, ground breaking Platinum AES-EBU and SPDIF Digital Interconnects, a professional standard series of cables for the home that has adopted a whole new way of thinking when it comes to design and manufacture.

The key to achieving this outstanding performance comes from Studio Connections’ extensive research into the perception of sound and stereo imagery. In essence, this cable performs perfectly within the timing spectrum that is critical to us hearing clear stereo, and also for our ability to interpret spatial awareness.

Our Platinum Digital cable delivers audio data virtually free of timing distortion, to deliver full stereo image projection and a more natural character in voice and instruments. This gives your system effortless delivery of the full musical image for you to enjoy.

Platinum Interconnects are hand-made in the UK with the utmost precision to ensure that they are perfectly balanced to deliver a highly tuned and consistent audio performance.

Product Information 
Platinum Digital is available as an AES-EBU balanced digital type, terminated in our own XLR connectors, or as an SPDIF single ended type terminated with our own RCA connectors.

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