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Studio Connections Power

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Revolutionary power cable that improves the image stability in high quality audio systems. Instead of asking 'if'' we asked 'why' and 'how' mains cables may effect the sonic performance of a system. The result, our Reference Power Cord, is a radically new approach to mains cable.

By directly tackling the low level disturbance issues generated in and around a system, in a high performance system, our Reference Power Cord cable can significantly improve your listening experience. Indeed, this cable has set a higher standard for power cables.

Our Reference Power cable dissipates airborne and line transmitted disturbances. This reduces the noise floor that stabilises the reference voltages of the audio system which, in turn, stabilises the audio image (If you want a visual idea - think of trying to measure the horizon when on a boat- the more you reduce the effect of the waves (noise) the better your reference is for measuring the horizon). This result of having a stable audio image is a more coherent sound stereo-graphic reproduction, better imagery and as a result more realism.

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