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Shanling M2X

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Solid transportabel afspiller i flot finish og med lydkvalitet på et meget højt niveau. En af de stærkeste på markedet til prisen.

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Shanling M2X
Portable Hi-Res Music Player

TIDAL streaming
Stream all your favorite music in high-quality thanks to build in TIDAL app.
Visit for more information.

Balanced output for even better sound
Utilizing dual amplifier circuit for higher resolution, improved channel separation, more details and overall superior sound quality. Compatible with industry standard 2.5mm jack balanced connectors.

The highest quality Bluetooth connection
Shanling M2X support: SONY LDAC, Qualcomm aptX and AAC
"SONY LDAC: Supporting Hi-Res audio files up to 24bit/96kHz and with three times higher data transmission than other Bluetooth technologies
"Qualcomm aptX: Advanced Bluetooth codec providing CD-like quality of sound and compatible with more than 540 brands worldwide.
"AAC: A high compression ratio algorithm, essential for best compatibility with iOS devices.

Full touch control
Utilizing 3.2-inch touch screen from LG, with high brightness for any conditions and improved sensitivity for more precise controls.

Always improving MTouch 2.0
Shanling M2X runs MTouch 2.0 operating system developed by Shanling. With collected user's feedback and total control over development of the system, we will always keep improving MTouch system. From small adjustments, to brand new functions, all available via simple firmware updates.

Build in Wi-Fi for even more connectivity
DLNA & AirPlay support
Supporting DLNA and AirPlay for the most practical and lossless music streaming from your phone or computer. 

Wi-Fi filetransfer
Connect Shanling M2X to local Wi-Fi network for quick and easy transfer of files. 

OTA updates
Thanks to OTA (Over The Air) updates, you will never need to use your computer again for firmware updates.

Audio design based on 30+ years in Hi-Fi
Japanese AKM AK4490EN, highly trusted DAC used across many levels of Hi-Fi products, assuring natural and smooth sound.

Audio signal restoration:
Using special FPGA coding technology independently developed by Shanling, paired with two independent high-quality KDS crystal oscillators.

Amplifier circuit:
With TI OPA1612 acting as low-pass filter, two pieces of ADI AD8397 amplifiers and high-quality Panasonic capacitors, Shanling M2X provides clean, powerful and dynamic sound.

To prevent undesirable noise interference and eletromagnetic radiation from affecting audio performance, parts of audio circuit are shielded with copper plate.

39 Days Deep Standby
Single-ended up to 10.5 hours / Balanced up to 7.5 hours
"Battery life is affected by factors such as battery condition, headphones used, display usage, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings and type of audio files.