Gold Note P-1000 Mk.II

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Gold Note P-1000 Mk.II


Designed for High-End audio systems, the P-1000 MkII is an innovative class A line preamplifier powered by a new proprietary Six Gain Stage Ultra-Balanced design featuring relays and optical ALPS Encoder volume control. The very best of audio technology is applied to deliver an outstanding musical experience, with incredibly low distortion and extended linear bandwidth.
The P-1000 MkII features a design with three independent linear power supplies and 8 stereo inputs: 4 fully balanced XLR and 4 RCA. In addition, it also offers plenty of advanced functions: Mono/Stereo selection, Left/ Right channel swap, Absolute Phase swap, Booster technology, and fine Left/ Right balance.


The P-1000 MkII DELUXE features military-grade anti-noise coils and capacitors on the six output stages that are also clamped into place with custom copper clips.


To play old recordings most faithfully, the preamplifier can be set in mono, and it allows for Left/ Right channel swap making it easy to reproduce inverted recordings. The absolute phase swap (0°/180°) can be useful when integrating the preamp into your system.
The Booster technology is designed to help you drive speakers that require extra power, providing greater energy in a very specific range of low frequencies – the feature is completely bypassed when set to OFF.
The large colour display of the preamp shows all functions and allows for quick and precise fine adjustments, whether using the SKC knob or the IR remote control, making this preamplifier easy to use.


The P-1000 MkII can be equipped with dedicated external units to enhance the performance even further: the TUBE-1012 and TUBE-1006, external class A tube output stages, and the PSU-1250 and PSU-1000 – super inductive external power supply.